TableOper - method of the PmgTrendViewer object

Setting some parameters (width of all columns, ...) in the table mode.
Empty TableOper(String sOper, String sPar)
sOper(String) Text string specifying the type of the performed operation
"colswidth" - Setting the width of all columns
sPar(String) Parameter value depends on setting the sOper parameter
"fittoview:xxx;" - Valid if set sOper="colswidth" - setting the width of all columns so that all columns are displayed together in the viewer without the necessity to scroll. Here the xxx can hold values:
eq - widths of all columns are set to the same value or
pr - widths of all columns are re-calculated and changed according to the mutual ration (proportional) of their widths before calling this method.

Calling the method changes setting the tvTrend.TableColumnWidth property of all tvTrend objects whose view is enabled. See: tvTrend.EnabledInTable, tvTrend.Visible.
This method is not functional yet in Web panels.
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var oTView = pMe.Items("../TrendView");
oTView.TableOper("colswidth", "fittoview:eq;");
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