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Object tvScale (TrendViewer scale)

See: tvScale - Deatiled object description

Object represents a scale.
Properties and methods:
AlignTypeAlign type of left/low edge of the scale (obsolete)
AlignValueAlign value of left/low edge of the scale (obsolete)
DirectionDirection of drawing values on the time axis or on the value axis
DistanceDistance of the scale from the graph area
LabelBorderColorColor of the scale edge legends
LabelBorderFontFont of scale edge
LabelBorderFormatFormat of scale edge legends
LabelBorderFormatTypeFormat type of scale edge legends
LabelBorderVisibleVisibility of the scale edge legends
LabelColorColor of the scale legends
LabelDistanceDistance of scale legends from the scale main ticks
LabelFontFont of scale legends
LabelFormatFormat of scale legends
LabelFormatTypeFormat type of scale legends
LabelVisibleVisibility of the inner scale legends
LocationLocation type of the value scale or of the time scale
MinorTicksColorColor of minor ticks of the scale
MinorTicksLengthLine length of minor ticks
MinorTicksNumThe number of minor ticks between two main ones
MinorTicksWidthLine width of minor ticks
TicksReturns object of the tvTicks type
TicksColorColor of main ticks of the scale legends
TicksLengthLine length of main ticks
TicksWidthLine width of main ticks
Related objects:
tvTicks(TrendViewer scale ticks) Object for configuration of scale ticks or grid lines layout
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