Object tvTrend (TrendsView trend)

See: tvTrend - Deatiled object description

Object of the tvTrend type represents a trend of one variable.
Properties and methods:
AddGraph()Creates new object of the tvGraph type
Connect()Connection of the tvTrend object to data source
ConnectionGroupGroup identifier (of the PmaTrendGroup object) in trend server (in the PROMOTIC application) that the trend viewer connects to
ConnectionItemIdentifier of trend variable in the PmaTrendGroup object
ConnectionPasswordUser password for access to trends server
ConnectionServerAddress of the trends server (of the PROMOTIC application) to which the displayed trend is connected
ConnectionTypeConnection type to trends server
ConnectionUserUser defined in trend server (in the PROMOTIC application) this trend viewer connects to
CursorLevelThe value of the selected trend at the position of the cursor (only if CursorType = 1).
CursorValue()Value that corresponds to the cross of the cursor vertical line with the trend graph
Disconnect()Disonnection of the tvTrend object from data source
DlgProperties()Open the edit box for runtime configuration of the tvTrend object
DrawAfterPointsTypeDraw type of prediction to future
DrawBeforePointsTypeDraw type of prediction to the past
EnabledInTableSetting/getting visibility of the corresponding tvTrend object in the table mode
GraphDefaultReturns basic object of the tvGraph type
Graphs()Returns selected object of the tvGraph type
GraphsCountReturns the number of tvGraph objects
IDIdentifier of this object
IndexObject order
LabelBorderFormatFormat of scale edge legends
LabelFormatFormat of scale legends
NameUser name of trend
PointsObject of the tvPoints type
PointsColorColor of points
PointsVisibleVisibility of trend data points mark
RemoveGraph()Removes existing object of the tvGraph type
ResetTypeDraw type of invalid areas
TableColumnWidthColumn width of values in the table mode
UnitUnit of the trend variable
UserValueValue entered by user
ValueMaxMaximum value for displaying trend
ValueMinMinimum value for displaying trend
ValueZoomModeValue axis range setup method
VisibleVisibility of trend development and points
Related objects:
tvGraph(TrendViewer graph) The object for drawing trend
tvPoints(TrendViewer points) Object that holds data points of trend
Configuration tabs:
Edit trendTrend value setting
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