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GraphDefault - property of the tvTrend object

Returns default object of the tvGraph type.
Object GraphDefault
Property access for read only.
This property is also functional in Web panels.
This object exists always in the tvTrend object (i.e. it is created on the creation of the tvTrend object). If no other object of the tvGraph type is constructed, for example, by the AddGraph function or the validity function of these constructed objects is not fulfilled, then the trend is drawn by this default object.
Directly after the creation of this object, the properties from the PmgTrendViewer.GraphInit object are copied into the GraphDefault object, thus it is possible to affect the appearance of newly created tvTrend objects simply by setting in the GraphInit. By the consecutive writing into properties of the GraphDefault object it is possible to change the draw mode anytime.
For the description of the draw mode of the trend variable see tvTrend and tvGraph objects.
See also:
- tvTrend.Graphs (method)
Setting the Color property (color of the trend line) in the default object of the tvGraph type.
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oTView = pMe.Items("../TrendView");
var oTrend = oTView.Trends(0);
var oGraph = oTrend.GraphDefault;
oGraph.Color = "#00ff00";   // color setting by RGB String in the form "#RRGGBB"
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