ID - property of the tvTrend object

Identifier that unambiguously specifies the tvTrend object.
String ID
Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the "tvTrend > Basic settings > Trend ID" configurator of this object.
This property is also functional in Web panels.
The property is set, for example, when the object is created by calling the PmgTrendViewer.AddTrend method. Two tvTrend objects with the same ID cannot exist in the PmgTrendViewer object. No diacritic (national dependent) marks can occur in the ID string.
See also:
- tvTrend.Name (property)
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oTView = pMe.Items("../TrendView");
var oTrend = oTView.Trends(0);
if (oTrend)
var sId = oTrend.ID;   // Reading from the property
// or
oTrend.ID = "trend3";   // Writing into the property
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