Trends - method of the PmgTrendViewer object

Returns tvTrend object.
Object Trends(Variant vTrend)
vTrend(Variant) vTrend is either the index into the container array of trends (zero-based index) or the tvTrend.ID identifier
-2 - Returns the last tvTrend object in the container.
-4 - Returns the active object (displayed over the other tvTrend objects) according to setting the TrendActive property.
0,1,2,... - Returns object specified by index (zero-based index).
"ID" - Returns the tvTrend object whose ID property equals to ID.
If the object specified in the vTrend parameter does not exist then the method returns: null for JavaScript or Nothing pro VBScript (it can be tested by the Pm.IsValid method). See example.
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var oTView = pMe.Items("../TrendView");
var oTrend = oTView.Trends("t1");

if (oTrend)
oTrend.ValueMin = 100;
oTrend.ValueMax = 200;
// .. error
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