AutoscrollSize - property of the PmgTrendViewer object

The property specifies, how much to scroll (move the time axis).
Double AutoscrollSize
Property access for read and write. The default value of this property is defined in the "Autoscroll size" configurator of this object.
This property is also functional in Web panels.
The meaning is according to the AutoscrollSizeUnit property (the multiple of the page size, the time in seconds, the shortest period, ...).
The time of scrolling or if to scroll at all, is given by setting the AutoscrollType property.
It is scrolled only if the Autoscroll property is set to true.
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oTView = pMe.Items("../TrendView");

var nAutoSize = oTView.AutoscrollSize;   // Reading from the property
oTView.AutoscrollSize = 0.2;   // Writing into the property
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