Working with colors description

Color (red, blue, etc.) has no defined data type. It is possible to specify it by various ways by means of the String or Long data types.

In the PROMOTIC system the color is entered as RGB String the same way as, for example, in HTML syntax.
It is a text beginning with "#" followed by (in hexadecimal) 2 digits for Red color compound, then 2 digits for Green color compound and then 2 digits for Blue color compound.
Schematic "#RRGGBB". For example:
"#00ff00" is light green
"#ff0000" is red
"#d000d0" is magenta

Some properties (of "color" type) support transparency. In such case instead of RGB String the word transparent can be used. It is usually used for Pmg object background color, e.g. PmgBox.ColorItem.

For color transformation the folowing methods can be used:
- Pm.ColorOper: Various operations with defined color
- Pm.ColorRgb: Returns the color by entering the three RGB components

Colors can be set/read from properties of many graphics objects. For example PmgString.ColorText, PmgBox.ColorItem, PmgBar.BarColor, PmgButton.ColorText, PmgPipe.ColorItem, PmgRectangle.ColorBorder, PmgEllipse.ColorItem, tvGraph.Color, PmForm.BgColor, PmgWTable.SetCellBackColor.

Examples of colors

RGB String: Color: Appearance:
#000000 black  
#404040 dark gray  
#808080 gray  
#c0c0c0 light gray  
#ffffff white  
#000058 dark blue  
#0000d0 blue  
#a8ccf0 light blue  
#306666 dark cyan  
#009898 cyan  
#c0dcc0 light cyan  
#004400 dark green  
#00ac00 green  
#00ff00 light green  
#a80000 dark red  
#ff0000 red  
#ff6868 light red  
#ff6800 orange  
#680068 dark magenta  
#d000d0 magenta  
#ff98ff light magenta  
#ffff00 yellow  
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