RunLater program

The RunLater.exe program is used for launching programs with a time delay. It can be used for launching the PROMOTIC applications.
The program is located in the \Promotic\Tools folder.


/t - time delay in seconds
/f - path and name of the running application
/p - parameters passed to the running application (is meaningful only if the running application represents an executable program EXE)

- There is an easier way of the PROMOTIC application delayed launch, by setting the key RtStartDelay in the Application.ini file.
- The RunLater program can be launched multiply. It means that multiple instances of this program can run on one computer simultaneously.

The RunLater program can be used, for example, in the following cases:
1) If the PROMOTIC application is launched automatically after switching on the computer, it allows delay the start of the application by certain time (for the synchronization, while multiple applications are being launched simultaneously, for example server and client, or when experiencing problems with the HW Key detection after the computer starts). The RunLater utility link is placed into the Windows folder Start Up instead of the shortcut to the PROMOTIC application and the parameters of the RunLater utility are set as the application reference parameters.
2) It allows restarting the PROMOTIC application with a safe delay directly from this running application, for example if a critical application error is detected. It is possible then to restart the application (itself) with a delay and then to stop the PROMOTIC application for example by the Pm.AppStop method (see Example2).
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