Application divided into examples

It is an application containing several examples of solutions usually used in real applications. Each example includes a button for displaying the help.

Most of the examples in the application are available in multiple languages. The application localized texts are contained in the text_appexam.xml files. Multi language application design is desribed in How to create an application using different national languages.

There is the PmaWeb object for enabling the application to the Web. There is another object created inside it named PmaWebLang representing multiple Web addreses, each of them represents one language version. The INFO system is enabled for the Web by the PmaWebInfo object and the PmaWebDir object is used for displaying pages created by the application designer. The PmaWorkspace object is allowed into the application Web on the "Web server" tab.

List of examples:

PreCfg - Preconfiguration examples

These examples can also be easily created by preconfigurations.

- AdminUsers - Example of administrative user management

- ModalDlg - A set of examples of modal windows usage for data entry
- ScheduleWeekGraphic - Example of the panel with weekly scheduler.
- ScheduleWeekNumeric - Example of the panel with numeric weekly scheduler.
- ScheduleWeekMoreDevice - Example of weekly scheduler with device selection
- HeatCurve - Example of heating curve modification
- HeatDailyPlan - Example of heating curve modification
- Trend - Example of the panel with the trend viewer

Trends - Examples for object PmaTrendGroup and PmgTrendViewer

- TrendFunction - Example for displaying mathematical functions by means of the trend viewer
- TrendTechnol - Example of displaying selected values trends in the trend viewer

Report - Examples for the PmaReport object

- ReportAlHistory - Preconfiguration "PmaReport - Alarms history"
- ReportAlState - Preconfiguration "PmaReport - Current alarm states"
- ReportCyclTab - Preconfiguration "PmaReport - General data array into a cyclic table"
- ReportCyclTabCsv - Preconfiguration "PmaReport - From CSV file into the table divided to pages"
- ReportEvHistory - Preconfiguration "PmaReport - Event history"
- ReportOneTab - Preconfiguration "PmaReport - General data array into a simple table"
- ReportOneTabCsv - Preconfiguration "PmaReport - From CSV file into a simple table"
- Report1 - The example of data input, properties and styles and conditions usage
- Report2 - The example of using a simple cycle
- Report3 - The example of complex cycle usage
- Daily Report - The example of template report

Database - Examples for the PmaAdo object

- PmaAdo - Example of table view of database data by the PmaAdo object
- Excel1 - Examples of the work with applications Excel
- Excel2 - Examples of the work with Excel application
- OpenOffice - Examples of the work with applications Calc and Writer

Others - Other examples

- Workspace - Example of workspace layout separation
- RunApp - Example of launching external applications

Prototype - The usage of PmaPrototype and PmgPrototype

- The usage of PmaPrototype and PmaInstance - Example of PmaPrototype and PmaInstance

Alarms - Activation and deactivation of the alarm in the script

- Alarms - Example of alarm control in the script

XML - client/server communication (ReadFromWeb and WriteToWeb)

- Communication by means of XML - Example of the communication by means of XML
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