Pma object preconfigurations

This preconfiguration list is opened when creating a new object (e.g. by "New object ..." in the local object menu or by pressing the Insert key after selecting the object).

The preconfigurations represents various application parts saved in the XML format files. For example all Pmg objects used in panels are preconfigured. Also some Pma objects are preconfigured and there are various other independent preconfigurations.

If the preconfiguration is to be used in the application, then a selection window is opened. In this window, all available options are offered.
Preconfiguration list:
- Basic: Creates Pma object with basic preconfiguration
- Communication: Preconfigured Pma objects for communication
- Panels (PmaPanel): Creates a single special purpose object or an object group
- Database access: Preconfigurations for database usage
- Technology: Preconfigured Pma objects for technology
- Trends, values history management: Creates a single special purpose object or an object group
- Reports: Preconfigurations of the PmaReport object for creating reports
- Workspaces (PmaWorkspace): Preconfigured PmaWorkspace object

Pm8.01.01: There is a basic preconfigurations is now available for all important communication drivers. When creating the PmaComm object the correct configuration is used for corresponding communication.
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