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What are preconfigurations

The preconfigurations represents various application parts saved in the XML format files. For example all Pmg objects used in graphic panels are preconfigured objects. Also some Pma objects are preconfigured and there are also various other independent preconfigurations.
The preconfigurations are used for quick for quick and efficient creation of application components (objects, object groups), that have some preconfigurated functionality (time schedules, communication, user management,...). Using the preconfigurations allows to create applications much faster than using the basic objects.

If the preconfiguration is to be used in the application, then a selection window is opened. In this window, all available options are offered. The options are offered in both graphic and text form, if the preconfiguration has a graphic representation. Only text form is offered if no graphic representation is available.

The window with preconfiguration list:
- New application: Preconfiguration is activated when creating a new application.
- Pma object preconfigurations: Preconfiguration is activated in the Pma objects editor by "New object ..." in the context menu of the object or by pressing the Insert key after selecting the object.
- Pmg objects preconfigurations: The preconfiguration is activated in the graphics editor by the (New Pmg object) icon in the toolbar or by left mouse button double-clicking into the panel area.

After selecting the desired preconfiguration, another window can be activated in order to use the configurators for parametrizing the current preconfiguration.
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