Object PmgButton (One-state button)

The one-state button is determined for starting the script (e.g. switching into another panel, transferring a value, playing a sound file,...).

The script is defined in the onButtonDown or onButtonUp event.

This object adopts properties and methods of object PmgPane.
Properties and methods:
ColorText Text color in the button
ImageSrc The file name with the path to the image file displayed in the button
StateEx Returns state of the button
Text Text in the button
onButtonDown Is triggered after pressing the button
onButtonUp Is triggered on releasing the button
Configuration windows:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the Pmg object in the XML form
Position Setting the position, width and height of the Pmg object
Variables List and configuration of user defined Pmg object variables
Events Algorithms definition for the object events
Methods Definition of of designer's method of the Pmg object
Panel Setting the background area of the Pmg object
Button Button properties.

If the method calling any modal window forms is in the script (e.g. the Pm.InputBox), then it is necessary to place such script into the onButtonUp event (otherwise OS Windows doesn't ensure that the button is drawn correctly).

The button can be drawn with the bitmap. This can be changed by the "T - Data binding to calculation based on a table of values" data binding depending on the state of pressing the button (see StateEx property).

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Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmiButton -> PmgButton
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