CreateDate - method of the Pm object

Creates date and time from its individual components.
Date CreateDate(Long nYear, Long nMonth, Double nDay, Double nHour, Double nMinute, Double nSecond, Long nMilli)
nYear(Long) Year. For example 2023.
nMonth(Long) Month of the year (1-12).
nDay(Double) the day of the month (1-31).
nHour(Double) the hour of the day (0-23).
nMinute(Double) the minute of the hour (0-59).
nSecond(Double) The second of the minute (0-59).
nMilli(Long) Number of milliseconds (0-999).
This method is functional also in Macro expression $.expr and in the onDraw event of the PmgCanvas object.
This method is also functional in Web panels.
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var tDate = Pm.CreateDate(2018, 3, 22, 12, 30, 30, 500);   // Returns date 22.3.2018 12:30:30.500 (43181.5211863426)
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