FileGetAttr - method of the Pm object

Returns the file attributes.
Long FileGetAttr(String sFile, Long nMask)
sFile(String) The file whose attributes have to be obtained.
If a full path is not entered, then it is completed relative to the application folder.
It is recommended to use the PROMOTIC path syntax - see PROMOTIC path to files and folders.
nMask(Long) Specifies which attributes have to be returned. For example, 1+2 returns the attributes "archive" and "read only".
1 - The attribute "archive" is returned.
2 - The attribute "read only" is returned.
4 - The attribute "hidden" is returned.
Return values:
Returns the settings of required attributes according to the mask set in the nMask parameter. If file does not exist or is not accessible, then -1 is returned.
The FileGetLength method can be used to get the file size.

This method is not functional in Web panels.
See also:
It gets the attributes "archive" and "read only", see the parameter nMask = 1+2. The returned value is the numeric value depending on setting the bits.
If the file has set only the attribute "archive", then in nAttr there is the 1 value.
If the file has set only the attribute "read only", then in nAttr there is the 2 value.
If the file has set both attributes, then in nAttr there is the 3 value.
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var sFile = "#app:file.txt";
var nAttr = Pm.FileGetAttr(sFile, 1 + 2);
if (nAttr >= 0)
// If the attributes were get OK
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