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View - property of the PmViewCreator object

Returns the PmMap object that contains parameters for the displayed viewer.
This object is filled with properties that were defined in the Pm.CreateView method in the sViewPars parameter.
PmMap View
Property access for read only.
But it is possible to write into the properties of the PmMap object and it is also possible to add new properties of this object.

The property returns PmMap object, that is filled from value of the sViewPars parameter (in the KeyVal format) in the Pm.CreateView method.
All initially set of the PmMap object properties are of the String type. The content of the PmMap object can be then modified as needed - items can be modified, added and deleted.
The PmMap object can also contain other embedded PmMap objects (Submap). The PmMap.mapSetSubmapAt method can be used in order to create a new PmMap or make one accessible.

The parameters (properties) of the viewer differ for various viewer types and therefore are described in the corresponding sections of viewers opening:
See also:
- Pm.CreateView (method)
- PmViewCreator.Frame (property)
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var oView = oCreator.View;

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