PmTrend object in "Read only (new records cannot be written)" mode

By setting the "Read only (new records cannot be written)" configurator, the PmTrend object is switched into the mode when it can also read, except the files already created by the PmTrend object before, the database files (of the dBase, Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle format) created by any other system. The database table that has to be read by the PmTrend object, must fulfill the condition that the time column of the Date and time type is defined in there. In the "Read only (new records cannot be written)" mode it is possible to view the data by the TrendsView viewer, to evaluate the data by the GetData method, etc. But it is impossible to add new records (calling the methods Run, RunTime fails).
In this mode the Data page doesn't define a list of trend variables and it can even be empty. If the list of variables exists (it needn't be complete) and the name of a variable from this list corresponds with the column name from the database table (referred by the PmTrend object), then the following values entered in the page - Minimum, Maximum and name for displaying - serves as the default setting of the variable for the TrendsView viewer.
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- PmTrend object in "Read only (new records cannot be written)" mode
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