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Configuration trend files

The trends configuration file is a disk file with the tg extension (cfgfile.tg) in which the configuration of the trend viewer is stored. It goes about the text file in the XML syntax that can be edited by any ASCII or XML editor (Notepad, Wordpad, etc.). The content of the file forms a list of variables (with addresses to the specific trend servers) that have to be viewed in the trend viewer (the viewer can read this file and display trends of variables). Each variable can contain, except the address of the server, even other data that determine their appearance (line color, line width, fill, ...).

The file is created, for example, by calling the PmgTrendViewer.SaveCfg method of the trend viewer. Such created file can be read back to the viewer anytime by the PmgTrendViewer.LoadCfg method. It can also, for example, be modified in the ASCII editor, add or remove trends. By copying and editing it is possible to create new configuration files, in each of them to associate trends of variables that have to be viewed as a whole and then to view (by calling the LoadCfg method or pressing the Load CFG button) individual configuration files alternatively by the trends viewer.

In the configuration file for the tvTrend object (located in the section beginning with <trend id="...) it is possible to assign value $default for name, unit, color, valuemin, valuemax attributes (in the file see for example <name>$default</name>). Assignment of the $default value means that if such configuration file is loaded into the trend viewer the corresponding item will obtain the value from server (for example for the <name>$default</name> item, the trend name will be transferred from server (object of the PmaTrendGroup type) from the "Displayed name of the trend" configurator.
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