PmAutocomplete - Automatic text completion

PmAutocomplete is a functionality used for simplyfying the script entry, that offers finishing the specific word based on the part of the word that is already written. It is designed, for keyboard control, making it most efficient and comfortable for text writing.
If the "PmAutocomplete" window is displayed, then the function of several keys is altered. For example the key <up key> and <down key>, will be used for item selection instead of text navigation.

PmAutocomplete offers the global entries as keywords, functions of the VBScript language and available objects. The properties and methods are offered for the objects. The function analyzes the kontext of the word to be completed and therefore offering only those words that are currently relevant in such context. For example for the Pm object, only the corresponding object properties and methods are offered. If the object is not recognized, then a complete list of all PROMOTIC object methods and properties is displayed.

The function can be activated any time by pressing <Ctrl-space>. The function is activated automatically after entering the "period" after the object name thus offering its nethods and properties.

Control keys PmAutocomplete:

<Enter> Enter the selected item into the script and close the PmAutocomplete window.
<Esc> Close the "PmAutocomplete" window.
<Ctrl-space> Open the "PmAutocomplete" window. If there is no item to offer, then the window will not be opened.
<up key> Select the previous item.
<down key> Select the next item.
<Home> Select the first item in the list.
<End> Select the last item in the list.
<PageUp> Move the selection one page forward.
<PageDown> Move the selection one page backward.

Shotkuts for mouse:

<mouse wheel> Move the list
<left mouse button double-click> Enter the selected item into the script and close the PmAutocomplete window.

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