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The user defined algorithms are written in the form of scripts in the PROMOTIC system. The scripts are written as texts, consisting of individual statements. In general it can be said, that one script line represents one statement.

It is possible to use two languages for writing scripts in the PROMOTIC system: JavaScript or VBScript.
The basics of the JavaScript and VBScript language, including the description of their functions and statements, are comprised in this documentation.

In the PROMOTIC system, it is not necessary to know all features of the corresponding language in order to create very complex structures. This is based on the fact that the framework of the application is built by the PROMOTIC system and the designer only fills in the content of existing events. Therefore the designer only needs to know the syntax statements in the corresponding language.

Pm9.00.01: The key "tab" no longer adds two spaces but inserts "tab" character into the text that is 2 spaces long.
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