Window "Rescue application mode for DevFree"

The window serves for rescuing the application, that exceeded the maximum allowed size of the application for DevFree mode of the PROMOTIC development environment (see List of the licence types of the PROMOTIC system). The principle of the rescue mode is that the object disabled in runtime (see the "Disabled object at the start up" configurator) is not included into the maximum allowed application size. The rescue mode allows to disable some application objects and this way to reduce the size of the application. Disabling the objects that caused exceeding the allowed application size in the development environment PROMOTIC, makes the application accessible and editable in the development environment.
If the PROMOTIC development environment in DevFree mode detects exceeding of the maximum allowed application size, then the warning message is displayed together with the option to go to application rescue mode.

Maximum size of the application - Displays maximum allowed size of the application.
Current size of the application - Displays the current size of the application.
Selected object - It allows to choose the Pma object to be disabled.
Disable the selected object now! - The selected Pma object will be disabled in runtime (see the "Disabled object at the start up" configurator).

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