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New PROMOTIC SCADA application wizard
Basic applicationCreates a new basic PROMOTIC application. The application contains one PmaWorkspace object and two or more PmaPanel objects (main application panel, toolbar, etc.). The application can be used as a basis for development of all types of PROMOTIC SCADA applications.
Application with examplesCreates an application that contains examples of objects that are configured in order to demonstrate solutions of various topics from real applications. The application includes topics like user management, reports, trends, databases, communications, etc.
PROMOTIC tutorialCreates an application that is based on PROMOTIC basic coursebook, as described in the chapters First steps, Trends and Alarms. Additionaly there are implemented other technologies and objects of the PROMOTIC system as e.g. JavaScript, macro expressions, objects PmgTrendViewer, PmaAlarmGroup, PmaWorkspace, PmaWeb, etc.
PROMOTIC demoCreates PROMOTIC demo application. This application can be used for PROMOTIC system presentation. It is designed not to exceed the size of 30 variables and 10 graphic panels (so it can be running in the freeware mode - PmFree). Once the application is launched, it switches graphic panels automatically in order to demonsrate various industrial technologies.
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