- This version has been released in: 2006
- This version is designed for folowing OS: Windows OS 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP/Embedded/2003-12Server/98/Me
- The following is no longer supported: Windows OS 95/NT
- This version is available in two variations: for Unicode and ANSII. The ANSII variation is meaningful only for Windows OS 98/Me.
- During the installation this version to Windows OS 2000 and higher system, Hardware (USB) licence key driver installation failure may occur. The fixing procedure is described in Known problems during the installation of the HW Key driver.
- This version uses the ne Microsoft graphic library (GdiPlus), that displays the texts a little bit wider. After upgrading from older PROMOTIC version it is possible that the size of some texts in graphic panels will be slightly different than before.

Transition from older versions to PROMOTIC 8

The PROMOTIC version 7.5 (no matter if 7.5.0 or higher) is very important because all currently running PROMOTIC applications (if the upgrade to the PROMOTIC 8 version is wanted) will have to go through this version first. The PROMOTIC version 8 is able to work only with applications, that went through the version PROMOTIC 7.5. The main reason is, that PROMOTIC version 8 no longer contains algorithms for conversion very old applications.
The PROMOTIC version 8 no longer supports some very old (not offered for a very long time) technologies. Therefore in this version 7.5, there is a new item "Warnings" in the INFO system, that is displaying warnings regarding the usage of obsolete components in current application.
One additional item that is no longer available since version PROMOTIC 8 is the "MDI type main window". The main reason for that is the fact, that using the PmaWorkspace object as a main window is positively much simpler, more general and practical than the "MDI window". If the application is using the "MDI" (all applications older than PROMOTIC 7), then this fact will also be highlighted in the "Warnings" item of the INFO system and the designer can simply transform his application in order to use the main window of the PmaWorkspace type.
Because the PROMOTIC version 8 no longer supports the obsolete saving formats, it is necessary for those who use Compound Pmg objects (these objects are saved in independent files with the *.pmi extension), to transform these objects into version PROMOTIC 7.5.
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