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Windows OS Embedded and PROMOTIC

Windows OS Embedded (Windows 7 Embedded, Windows XP Embedded) is a "slim" version of the Windows OS designed and configured (usually) by the hardware manufacturer for the exact model.

Examples of manufacturers and distributors of hardware for Windows OS Embedded, where the PROMOTIC system was tested:
- Bernecker&Rainer, see http://www.br-automation.com, e.g. 5PP320.1214-39 = Industrial touch panel computer
- ELCOM, a.s., see http://www.elcomgroup.cz
- AMiT, spol. s r.o., see https://amitomation.cz, e.g. APT4015AW = Industrial touch panel computer
- Mikroklima, spol. s r.o., see http://www.mikroklima.cz

It is recommended to start the PROMOTIC system instalation after the conditions limiting access to the primary disk are absolutely clarified. This is also valid for the PROMOTIC system installation on a secondary disk. For example the amount of free space on the disk, primary disk writing ability, etc. If these conditions are met the installation is usually finished without any problems.

After the installation, it is recommended to test the PROMOTIC system functionality by running the prepared examples The specific installation of Windows OS Embedded may be "croped" by the HW manufacturer thus disabling some technologies, that are guaranteed in the full Windows OS version.
For example:
Font - Microsoft Sans Serif, Arial and Courier New fonts are required.
The HW Key driver - the HW Key driver initialization may fail during the installation process. The supplier does not guarantee functionality in Windows OS Embedded. If the driver provided with the PROMOTIC installation fails, then it is possible to replace it by an older driver.

The usage of the PROMOTIC application on a Windows OS Embedded computer may by useful for example for following purposes:
- Data concentrator. The PROMOTIC application collects the data from communications (serial link, Ethernet ...), processes the data and provides it to higher control levels for example via Ethernet. This type of the application may not have any graphic interface.
- Web server. The PROMOTIC application may provide, for example, the same functionality as the data concentrator, but can also provide the graphic interface as a Web server (offering Web panels, etc.).
- Graphic terminal. Some Windows OS Embedded computers may also have own display (often a TouchPanel), that can be used for displaying PROMOTIC application panels.
- etc.

Standard PROMOTIC version can be installed into the Windows OS Embedded computer, i.e. there is no special version of the PROMOTIC system for Windows OS Embedded. In the PROMOTIC system there is no detection for this Windows OS version, i.e. the PROMOTIC system is running on Windows OS Embedded exactly the same way as on any other Windows OS.
PROMOTIC 9.0.28 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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