Appearance - tab of the PmaRoot object

Definition of the running application appearance.
Application appearance zoomIt allows to change (increase/decrease) the appearance of the whole application, in particular the graphic panels, when moving to another graphic resolution of the display than the original one. The size of the majority of panels, fonts and Pmg objects is adjusted by this change. Some Pmg objects needn't react to the change correctly and therefore the application must be checked and created regarding this possibility.
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated after starting the application).
type:no; (default) - Application will be kept in the original size.
type:const;zoom:n; - The whole application will be increased by the fixed constant n. Example: type:const;zoom:1.2;.
type:original;screenx:dx;screeny:dy; - The whole application will be automatically increased according to the current resolution of the display with respect to the set original resolution dx and dy. Example: type:original;screenx:1024;screeny:768;.
Pmg object focus typeIt allows to set the focus type of active Pmg object (object with focus).
SingleLine - outline of the object by single line
DoubleLine - outline of the object by double line
Icon in Sys Tray on the rightApplication icon appears in the Windows OS Sys Tray among icons on the right.
Use different font in system windowsIf checked, then it can be set different font to be used in the running application.
If the font size is changed, all the windows are modified, in order to preserve the original layout. It allows to use the PROMOTIC system on high resolution screens, where the displayed font is very small.
This font will also be used in the "INFO system" window and also is a default font for the PmForm object.
For changing the fonts in the development environment see the "Use different font in the development environment" configurator.

Pm9.00.22: In the "Application appearance zoom" configurator, the macro expression can be used for entering the value.
Pm8.00.02: The "Application appearance zoom" configurator: When increasing the size of the view the PmaWorkspace frames did not expand and the fonts in the panels also did not enlarge.
Pm8.00.00: Removed configurators for MDI application.
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