Viewing the OPC server address space - configuration window

The window allows to view and select variables offered by the OPC server (specified in the "PmaOpcDaClient > OPC > OPC server - CLSID/ProgID" configurator). Each variable is positively identified by ItemId identifier in OPC.

This window can be opened:
- In the "ItemId" configurator of each variable. Designed for single variable selection.
- On the "Data" tab in the button by the "Import from the OPC server" option. Multiple variables can be selected on one level by the Ctrl or Shift key. After this window is closed, the "Common properties of selected OPC items" configuration window is opened.
Item group tree (left)By clicking one item in the tree will select one level of data items.
Item group (right)Here is the list of all items on the selected level.
The OPC server items can be selected only if the OPC server supports the OPC standard version 2 and higher. The OPC server can offer following items:
- in linear structure: i.e. all items are offered on one level. Suitable when a low number of items is offered.
- in a tree structure: i.e. items are divided into multiple levels. Suitable for higher numbers of offered items.

If the OPC server contains high number of items (e.g. a million registers), then all these items need not to be offered individually. Also a "torso" type identifier can be used and the designer then has to "modify" it in order to get the real register number.

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