Object ExtOpcDa

An extension of the PmVar variable of the PmaData object for connection to the OPC DA communication. The data item is a client connected to OPC server.
Properties and methods:
AccessPathAccess path to the variable in the OPC server
ExtIdData extension identifier
GroupReturns the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object
ItemIdText address/identifier of the variable in the OPC server.
RecalcDValue of the D constant for recalculation
RecalcKValue of the K constant for recalculation
RecalcQValue of the Q constant for recalculation
TimeStampTime stamp of the variable
VarReturns the PmVar object
Configuration windows:
ExtOpcDaData extension configuration
This data extension registrates itself automatically into the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object after starting the application. Therefore it is not needed to create the requested item on the "PmaOpcDaClientGroup > Data" tab! If all items for the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object are of the "Data extension" type, then the "PmaOpcDaClientGroup > Data" tab may remain empty.

Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string:
The content of complete of data extension (all configurators) can be saved in the form of single text string. See Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string.
- Id: see the "Data extension identifier" configurator
- PmaObject: see the "Target object (PmaOpcDaClientGroup)" configurator
- ItemId: see the "ItemID" configurator
- AccessPath: see the "AccessPath" configurator
- K;Q;D: see the "Value recalculation" configurator

Pm8.00.08: Fixed bug: this data extension was not functional (bug since Pm8.0.7 version).
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