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Object ExtOpcDa

An extension of the PmVar variable of the PmaData object for connection to the OPC DA communication. The data item is a client connected to OPC server.
Properties and methods:
AccessPathAccess path to the variable in the OPC server
ExtIdData extension identifier
GroupReturns the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object
ItemIdText address/identifier of the variable in the OPC server.
RecalcDValue of the D constant for recalculation
RecalcKValue of the K constant for recalculation
RecalcQValue of the Q constant for recalculation
TimeStampTimestamp of the variable
VarReturns the PmVar object
Configuration windows:
ExtOpcDaData extension configuration
This data extension registrates itself automatically into the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object after the application is launched. Therefore it is not needed to create the requested item on the "PmaOpcDaClientGroup > Data" tab! If all items for the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object are of the "Data extension" type, then the "PmaOpcDaClientGroup > Data" tab may remain empty.

Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string:
The content of complete of data extension (all configurators) can be saved in the form of single text string. See Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string.
- Id: see the "Data extension identifier" configurator
- PmaObject: see the "Target object (PmaOpcDaClientGroup)" configurator
- ItemId: see the "ItemId" configurator
- AccessPath: see the "AccessPath" configurator
- K;Q;D: see the "Value recalculation" configurator

Pm8.00.08: Fixed bug: this data extension was not functional (bug since Pm8.0.7 version).
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