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Object ExtAlarmBinary

An extension of the PmVar variable of the PmaData object for connection to the PmaAlarmGroup object for two-state value alarm of the true/false value.
Properties and methods:
AlarmReturns the PmAlarmItem object
ExtIdData extension identifier
VarReturns the PmVar object
Configuration windows:
ExtAlarmBinaryData extension configuration
Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string:
The content of complete of data extension (all configurators) can be saved in the form of single text string. See Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string.
- Id: see the "Data extension identifier" configurator
- PmaObject: see the "Target object (PmaAlarmGroup)" configurator
- Template: see the "Alarm template" configurator
- Source: see the "Alarm source" configurator
- Desc: see the "Alarm description (desc)" configurator
- Negate: see the "Activate alarm on low value (negate test)" configurator
- ValType: see the "Value type" configurator
- BitIndex: see the "Specifies the bit number to test" configurator
- AlarmId: see the "Alarm identifier" configurator
See also:
- ExtAlarmAnalog (object)
- ExtEvent (object)

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