Object ExtDdeClient

An extension of the PmVar variable of the PmaData object for connection to the DDE communication. The variable is a client connected to the DDE server.
Properties and methods:
ExtIdData extension identifier
VarReturns the PmVar object
Configuration windows:
ExtDdeClientData extension configuration
This data extension is functional only if the global configurators PmaRoot > DDE > DDE enabled and PmaRoot > DDE > DDE client groups are set properly.

Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string:
The content of complete of data extension (all configurators) can be saved in the form of single text string. See Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string.
- Id: see the "Data extension identifier" configurator
- DdeGroup: see the "DDE group" configurator
- DdeId: see the "DDE item" configurator
- InitSync: see the "Initial synchronization" configurator
- Write: see the "Write to the server" configurator
- Read: see the "Read from server" configurator
- PeriodType: see the "Periodical communication" configurator
- Period: see the "Period [s]" configurator
See also:
- ExtDdeServer (object)

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