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Data extension ExtDdeClient - configuration window

Data extension configuration ExtDdeClient - Data extension for connection to the DDE server
Data extension identifierSystem text. Must not contain diacritics, spaces and special characters. It is used for unambiguous identification of data extension in data item (e.g. in the Extension method).
The default value is "ddec".
DDE groupPreconfigured client groups in DDE client Group of the PmaRoot object.
DDE itemDDE item identifier. It is the third part of the DDE address (see Communication by standard interface DDE).
Macro expression can be used for input. Caution: Macro expression $vb cannot be used for input.
Initial synchronizationWhat to do after the application is launched:
No - Nothing will be done
Read from server - Data will be read from server
Write to the server - Initial data will write to the server
Change communication
Write to the serverWhat to do if PROMOTIC application writes into data:
No - Nothing will be done
On local change - Write to the server only if value changed
On every writing - Always write to the server
Read from serverWhat to do if the data is changed on the server:
No - The server will not send the value into the PROMOTIC application
Yes - The server will always send the value into the PROMOTIC application
Periodical communication
Periodical communicationPeriodical communication type with the server:
No - There is no periodical communication with the server
Write to the server - Value in the PROMOTIC application will be periodically written to the server
Read from server - The value will be periodically read from server
Period [s]Period in seconds (for periodical communication).
If Periodical communication=Write to the server, then it is the writing period to the server.
If Periodical communication=Read from server, then it is reading period from server.
This configuration window can be opened from the "Data extensions" configurator in the variable of the PmaData object.

This data extension is functional only if the global configurators PmaRoot > DDE > DDE enabled and PmaRoot > DDE > DDE client groups are set properly.
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