Extension - method of the PmVar object

The method access Data extension of the PmVar object.
Object Extension(String sId)
sId(String) Data extension identifier. The identifier is entered when the data extension is being configured (see the "Data extension identifier" configurator).
Return values:
Returns Data extension object. In case of an error value (null for JavaScript or Nothing pro VBScript) is returned (probably doesn't exist item with defined sId). Nothing value can be tested by VBScript Is operator.
Identifier #ext: References to Data extensions objects in the PmVar variable can also be done directly by extending the path of the Pm method using the #ext identifier. This can be used in the Pm method or in PP binding in the application and in panels. For example the method pMe.Pm("/data/#vars/Temperature/#ext/al") returns the data extension with al identifier (ExtAlarmAnalog) in the "Temperature" variable (PmVar) in the data object (PmaData).
Several examples of reference to the data extension with al identifier (ExtAlarmAnalog) in the "Temperature" variable (PmVar) in the "data" object (PmaData). The recommended procedure is the first option using the #vars and #ext.
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oExt = pMe.Pm("/data/#vars/Temperature/#ext/al");

oExt = pMe.Pm("/data/#vars/Temperature").Extension("al");

oExt = pMe.Pm("/data").Item("Temperature").Extension("al");

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