TimeSource - property of the PmVar object

Time of value origin in the value source by source time (this is not the time when the value got into the PROMOTIC application).
Date TimeSource
Property access for read only.
The value of this property can be also obtained in the "PmaRoot" item of the INFO system (when looking into the object with this property).

It is possible that this value is automatically filled in only by some communications:
- the PmOpcUaClient communication driver - see the "Time reading type" configurator, when the value is read from the communication together with the corresponding timestamp (and eventually also with the quality).
- the PmIEC8705 communication driver for message Read command (ASDU-102, C_RD_NA_1).
See also:
- PmVar.TimeWrite (property)
- PmVar.Quality (property)
- PmVar.Value (property)
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var oData = pMe.Pm("/Data");
var d = oData.Item(2).TimeSource;

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