Macro expression $vb

This macro expression represents the result of the specified VBScript expression evaluation.
Also the pMe parameter (that contains the reference to a Pma object or Pmg object where the expression is used) can be used in this expression. This allows to initialize an property, for example, by the value containing the object name, etc.

This macro expression is considered obsolete, it is not functional for some new configurators and instead of this can be used for example Macro expression $.expr.

where xx is any VBScript expression.

1) $vb:"Temperature_" & pMe.Name
- If the name of the object is water (that is referenced by the pMe parameter), then the result is the text "Temperature_water".
2) $vb:Pm.IniFileRead("BoilerPlant.ini","Temperature","water", 60, 5)
- If there is the key water=70 in the section Temperature in the BoilerPlant.ini file (in the application folder), then the result is a value 70 of the Double type (see Pm.IniFileRead method).
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