Object ExtSubVar

Extending variable PmVar of the PmaData object by subvariable.
Properties and methods:
ExtIdData extension identifier
NoteNote of the variable
UnitPhysical unit of the variable (only for PmaData and PmaTrendGroup)
ValueValue of the variable
VarReturns the PmVar object
Configuration windows:
ExtSubVarData extension configuration
This data extension allows adding subvariable with defined name into the variable PmVar.
Caution! This object adds one variable into the calculation of the application size, which influences the basic runtime licence type/size (see: Licences for PROMOTIC runtime environment).

Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string:
The content of complete of data extension (all configurators) can be saved in the form of single text string. See Format of saving the data extension in the form of a text string.
- Id: see the "Data extension identifier" configurator
- VarType: see the "Data type" configurator
- Value: see the "Value" configurator
- Note: see the "Note" configurator
- Unit: see the "Unit" configurator

Pm8.03.13: import/export in XML or CSV did not work.
Pm8.03.11: Created
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