Unit - property of the ExtSubVar object

Physical unit of the variable This property is accessible only for the variables of the object: PmaData and PmaTrendGroup.
String Unit
Property access for read only. The value of this property is defined in the "Unit" configurator of this object.
Although the property is read only it is possible to write initial value into it by script (if it si empty). After that it is not possible to modify the value (until the application is restarted).
Examples for obtaining this property in the script.
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

sUnit = pMe.Pm("/data/#vars/Temperature/#ext/sv").Unit;

// or
sUnit = pMe.Pm("/data/#vars/Temperature").Extension("sv").Unit;

// or
sUnit = pMe.Pm("/data").Item("Temperature").Extension("sv").Unit;
The example for obtaining this property by Macro expression from another data extension via pVar variable.

Pm9.00.10: The property can now be writen only once
Pm8.03.11: Created
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