Object PmAlarmItem (Alarm item)

Alarm item
Properties and methods:
AckerIdIdentifier of the user making alarm acknowledgment
Acknowledge()Alarm item acknowledgment
AcknowledgedSpecifies whether alarm is acknowledged or unacknowledged
Activate()Alarm item activation
ActiveSpecifies whether alarm is active or inactive
AreaMarking area of the alarm item
CommentAlarm item comment
DescriptionAlarm item description
EnabledEnable/disable of the alarm item
Extension()Returns data extension that the alarm originated from
IdIdentifier of the alarm item in group
Inactivate()Alarm item inactivation
OwnerGroupReturns reference to the PmaAlarmGroup object that owns the alarm item
PriorityPriority of the alarm item
QuitSound()Termination of currently active sound signal of the alarm item
SetState()Alarm item state change
SoundModeThe way of sound indication of an alarm items state
SourceMarking source of the alarm item
TimeAckAcknowledge time
TimeOffInactivation time
TimeOnActivation time
UserNoteAlarm item user note:
Configuration windows:
Alarm itemThe configurators of the alarm item

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