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Data binding OP - OLE object property - configuration window

The value of the data binding OP is a property value of selected object.
Data binding configurators:
Expression resulting in object referenceSpecifies the object that a data binding has to be created to its property. Then it is necessary to enter an expression that results in the reference to the object.
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated while the window is opening).
Object property nameProperty name of selected object. If the object referenced by the expression from the previous row contains subobjects and properties have been defined to access them, then it is possible to refer directly these subobjects by the '.' reference (if, for example, there is Subobject.Property in this row, then the "Property" property in the Subobject subobject of the object referenced by the first row, is referenced by this data binding).
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated while the window is opening).
Dynamic propertyCheck only if the object can be deleted and recreated during runtime, or if the property row contains Expression.
This data binding is also functional in Web panels. The values of this data binding are evaluated via the Web server communication (with the PROMOTIC application). The Web client (i.e. Web browser) communicates with the Web server on a regular basis with the defined tiime period - see the "PmaPanel > Web server > Refresh period of the Web panel [s]" configurator.
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