Data binding F - Data binding to the formatted string - configuration window

The value of the data binding is a text.
The text format is defined by the formatting rule that has to be written in the syntax of the C language.
Data binding configurators:
Control variableIn this field it can be defined control variables that must be sorted in the same order as format conventions in the "Formatting rule" configurator.
The number of control variables has to reflect the number of format conventions.
A data binding can be defined for each variable that is evaluated right before the formatted text is composed.
AddAdds new control variable to the end of the list.
InsertInsert new control variable above the selected variable.
DeleteDelete the selected control variable.
Formatting ruleFormatting rule written in the C language convention. See C language formatting rule.
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated while the window is opening).
This data binding is also functional in Web panels. The evaluation of the data binding does not need to communicate with the Web server (with the PROMOTIC application) - the evaluation is done on the client side (i.e. on the Web browser).
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