Data binding V - Data binding to the elementary expression - configuration window

The data binding consists of two values and a binary operator that specifies a mathematic operation with values. Each value can have in addition an unary operator.
This data binding is obsolete (but functional) and it is better to use the E - Data binding to the general expression data binding.
Data binding configurators:
Unary operator of first value
No (not used)
- (minus)
Abs (absolute value)
Not (negation)
Pow (square)
First valueFirst value of the expression
Expression binary operatorBinary operator of two values.
No (second value not used)
+ (sum)
- (difference)
* (multiplication)
/ (division)
Mod (modulo)
Max (Maximum)
Min (Minimum)
And (logical 'AND')
Or (logical 'OR')
Xor (logical 'XOR')
> (greater than)
>= (greater or equal)
< (less than)
<= (less or equal)
= (equal to)
<> (inequality)
AndB (binary 'AND')
OrB (binary 'OR')
XorB (binary 'XOR')
Unary operator of second value
No (not used)
- (minus)
Abs (absolute value)
Not (negation)
Pow (square)
Second valueSecond value of the expression
This data binding is also functional in Web panels. The evaluation of the data binding does not need to communicate with the Web server (with the PROMOTIC application) - the evaluation is done on the client side (i.e. on the Web browser).
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