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OpenView - method of the PmgFrame object

The method opens the viewer of another object in the PmgFrame object, the method was called upon.
This method is obsolete (but functional) and it is better to use the Pm.CreateView method.
Empty OpenView(String sObjectPath, [String sOptions], [String sParams], [PmMap oExtra])
sObjectPath(String) Path (relative or absolute) to the object or component whose viewer will be opened.
For detailed description see sObjectPath.
sOptions[optional] (String) The parameters transferred to the viewer. These define where and how to open the viewer.
Entries are in the KeyVal format, for example "target:_blank;modal:1;".
For detailed description see sOptions.
This parameter is not being used so far. It is necessary to enter the empty string ("") or not to use it at all.
sParams[optional] (String) The data transferred to the object that is to be viewed by the corresponding viewer.
Entries are in the KeyVal format, for example "name1:value1;name2:value2;".
For detailed description see sParams.
oExtra[optional] (PmMap) Additional entry of viewer behavior. The data are defined here by creating properties in the PmMap object (contrary to previous parameters sOptions and sParams where the entry is added in text form) - this way it is possible to transfer general values (not only text).
For detailed description see oExtra.
This method is also functional in Web panels.
Opens the panel "../Panel2" in the PmgFrame object with the value of the nmb parameter.
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oFrame = pMe.Items("/Frame");
oFrame.OpenView("../Panel2", "", "pars:{nmb:2;}");

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