Preconfiguration "PmaWebDir - Sending the requested daily production data to the Excel file"

This preconfiguration can be activated when creating a new object (e.g. by "New object ..." in the local object menu or by pressing the Insert key after selecting the object) and is included in the group: "/ Reports / Report to an Excel file".

The preconfiguration creates a configured PmaWebDir object in the PmaWeb object. Saves to disk an Excel file with default name ReportDailyProduction.xlsm.

Description of the Excel file ReportDailyProduction.xlsm
From the communication point of view, the file behaves like a Web client, which on the given URL address and using the agreed parameters requests data from the PROMOTIC Web server.
Description of the sheets in the Excel file:
Config - parameter settings and button for starting the communication
Data - for writing the received data
TableView - user table view of received data
GraphView - user graphic view of received data
Communication and data processing is done at startup or by pressing of the button using internal scripts. These are accessed in the editor by pressing the ALT+F11 keyboard shortcut

PmaWebDir object description
The newly created object captures the client requests in the PmaWebDir.onPageModify event and passes it to the DailyProduction method with the parameters to be processed. This method uses the parameters to determine what data will be sent to the Excel file, to what sheet and to what positions.
These configurators can be set before the preconfiguration is created:
It creates a PmaWebDir object in the PmaWeb object. And saves the Excel file to disk. This file can be located anywhere on a computer on the local network as long as the server URL address is set correctly in its configuration settings.
The name of created objectName of the object created in the Pma objects tree. The maximum name length is 30 characters. This is a system name, so it must contain only alphanumeric and must not contain any diacritics (i.e. national dependent characters), empty string, spaces and the first character must not be a number.
Default: ReportExcel_DailyProduction
Path to the PmaWeb object
Excel fileLocation of the file on the hard drive

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