Font - property of the PmfTableRow object

Font of the table row.
String Font
Property access for read and write.
The property returns or sets font as a string in the CSS format.
This property is inherited from the property Font of the parent of the PmfTableArea object. Writing a valid font value into the property cancels inheritance of the value from the parent object. Writing the value "inherit" into the property enables inheritance of the value from the parent object.
Changing the value of the property in the runtime mode does not change the cell size, row height, column width or table area size.
This property is also functional in Web panels.
Setting and reading fonts in the CSS format.
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

oRow.Font = "normal normal 400 13px 'Arial'";   // Writing into the property
var sFont = oRow.Font;   // Reading from the property
oRow.Font = "inherit";   // Enabling property value inheritance from the parent object

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