GetBit - method of the PmBuffer object

Reading the value of one bit.
Boolean GetBit(Long nOffset, Long nBitIndex)
Value = PmBuffer.GetBit(nOffset, nBitIndex)
nOffset(Long) Defines the position of read value in the data block.

The read value must be inside the data block. The item is read either whole or not read at all.

>= 0 - Index (in bytes, zero-based index) in data block.
-4 - The internal automatic position is used (see AutoOffset). It points behind the last read or written value and increases continually.

If the items are read/written one by one then it is not necessary to define the position, but it is handy to use this automated positioning.

nBitIndex(Long) Bit index (zero-based index). The value must be any non-negative integer (it must define the position inside the data area range).
This method is also functional in Web panels.
See also:
- PmBuffer.SetBit (method)
- Pm.GetBit (method)
- PmVar.GetBit (method)

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