AutoOffset - property of the PmBuffer object

The internal automated positioning in the data block works automatically (but can also be set in the script).
Long AutoOffset
Property access for read and write.
At the beginning (with the creation of of the PmBuffer object) the value of this property is set to 0.
After each successfull read/write operation of a value in the data block, this property is automatically set to the end (behind) yhe read/written value (to the next read/written value).
This can be used for continuous value reading/writing or for detecting the number of read/written bytes by the difference of the value of this property before the operation and after the operation.
The read/write position is available in the form of the nOffset parameter in each method working with the data block (e.g. GetUint8, SetInt16), where the -4 value means that the value of this internal positioning AutoOffset is used.
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var oBuf = Pm.CreatePmBuffer();
var s1 = "40302010605070";
oBuf.SetHexaString(-2, s1);
oBuf.AutoOffset = 0;   // Writing into the property
var val1 = oBuf.GetInt32(-4);
var val2 = oBuf.GetInt16(-4);
var val3 = oBuf.GetUint8(-4);
var nAutoOffset = oBuf.AutoOffset;   // Reading from the property, nAutoOffset = 7

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