PROMOTIC video tutorial 1 - Basics

Course description:

In this tutorial we will show how to install the PROMOTIC system
and start creating an aplication emulating the hotel room heating control system.
We will create the first variables and graphic panels.
We will explain the terms data extension and data binding.
We will also learn how to create a simple script, open graphic panels
and the basics of remote application control via the Web.

Video list:

Tutorial 1.1 Basics - Installation and PmManager
In the video you will learn where to find the PROMOTIC SCADA system on the Web
and how to install it.
You will get acquainted with the PmManager program, which is designed to manage applications and versions of the PROMOTIC system.
Tutorial 1.2 Basics - How to create new application
In the video we will start creating the first application in the PROMOTIC system. We will go through the new application wizard and get acquainted with the basic elements of the development environment.
We will explain what a Pma object is and understand the Pma objects tree.
We will also show how to start the runtime (the environment for running the application).
Tutorial 1.3 Basics - Development of static application components
In the video you will create your first custom Pma objects.
You will learn about data types and create your first variables.
You will explore the current state of the system in runtime with the INFO system tool.
Tutorial 1.4 Basics - Development of the application graphic interface
In the video, you will create a panel and place graphic objects in it. You will learn how to link values of variables to the graphic objects.
Tutorial 1.5 Basics - Developing the dynamic section of the application
In the video you will learn how to emulate the signal value from the temperature sensor using the script in the JavaScript language.
We will learn the basic commands of the JavaScript language.
In addition, you will see the documentation of the PROMOTIC SCADA system.
Tutorial 1.6 Basics - Opening and managing panels
In the video you will see different ways of opening graphic panels.
You will learn how to change the default panel.
Tutorial 1.7 Basics - Controlling the application via the Web
In the video you will see the basics of remote control of the application via the Web.
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