PROMOTIC video tutorial 2 - Trends

Course description:

In this tutorial, we will explain how to trend the values of variables, i.e. store values with a timestamp.
We will show how to plot graphs of the value progression (so-called trends) using the viewer.
We will explain how to configure the trend viewer and what is a group of rendered trends
and we will show various optimizations to make viewing trends easier.

Video list:

Tutorial 2.1 Trends - Introduction
In this video, you will get familiar with the terms trend and trending.
We will create trending of temperatures and room status.
We will show the trend values stored in a file.
Tutorial 2.2 Trends - Trend viewer
We will create two trend viewers
(one in a separate panel and one in the room panel).
We will explain how to configure and control the viewers.
Tutorial 2.3 Trends - Trend optimization
In this video, you will see several ways how to optimize the trends.
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