Tutorial 3. - Trends

Video tutorials PROMOTIC

The following videos are available on the PROMOTIC SCADA system channel on Youtube
These videos provide introduction to the PROMOTIC SCADA system for Windows.
The videos will show you how to create a simple SCADA application in this system and explain the basic components.

Tutorial 3. - Trends

Video list:
Tutorial 3.1. Trends - Introduction
In this video, you will get familiar with the terms trend and trending. You will use the simple trend viewer to view the boiler temperature.
Tutorial 3.2. Trends - Trend viewer in a separate window
In the video, you will add a trend viewer located in a separate window. Then, you will create and load a configuration group of displayed trends.
Tutorial 3.3. Trends - Optimization of trends
In the video you will see 9 ways to optimize the trends.

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