Localized texts manager - configuration window

This window can be used for editing the current XML files containing localized texts or create new files with text items for selected supported languages.
This configuration window can be opened:
- in the configuration window of the macro expression $.text.
- in the menu " > Localized texts manager" in the main window of the development environment.
FileIt is used for changing the currently selected file.
Save fileSaves all changes into the file.
New fileCreates a new user file in the application folder.
Delete fileDeletes currently selected file.
Displayed languagesDisplays window for changing supported or displayed languages.
AddDisplays window for adding new item.
EditDisplays window for editing new item.
DeleteDeletes selected item.
UpMoves selected item in the list up one position.
DownMoves selected item in the list down one position.
ExportExecutes export of localized texts into CSV file.
ImportExecutes import of localized texts from CSV file.
CopyCopies the expression containing either the selected identifier or the whole macro expression into the Windows clipboard. The expression from the Windows clipboard can then be inserted into the corresponding location in the application.
NotepadOpens the currently selected XML file in Notepad application.
FindIt is used for entering the text that is to be found in currently displayed table of localized texts.
The search starts automatically each time the text in the configurator is modified. All cells containing the defined text are highlighted.
The "Find next" button and "Find previous" button can be used to navigate in the search results.
Find in columnsIt is used for entering the column identifier where the search will be executed. This way it is possible, for example, to limit the search only to selected languages. If the option "All columns" is selected, then the text will be searched in the whole table of localized texts.
Procedure of creating a new localized file and text editing:
- Press the New file button and enter the filename File name extension in order to create the file.
- Press the Displayed languages button and select the Supported languages item in order to select the desired languages for the application.
- Press the Displayed languages button again and select the Displayed languages item in order to select the languages that are to be displayed while editing.
- Press the Add button in order to display a window with id configurator that can be used for adding a new localized text item. Other configurators are used for writing the specific localized texts.
- Press the OK button to end editing.
- This way a file is created and its structure is described in Macro expression $.text.

Pm8.03.11: The option to import/export from/to CSV file.
Pm8.02.07: Created
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