Application backup manager - configuration window

This window can be used to open, create and delete backups of currently open application.
This configuration window can be opened:
- on the "PmaRoot > Application" tab
- in the main window of the development environment in the menu " > Application backup > Application backup manager".
OpenOpens currently selected file of application backup. Three opening methods can be selected:
View - open backup as "read only": Opens the backup in the development environment in the "read only" mode. After the editor is closed all temporary files will be deleted automatically.
Test - open backup as new application: Opens backup in the development environment as new application with defined name.
Replace - replace application with this backup: Creates backup of current application. Replaces current version of the appication with the backup and opens it in current editor. The application name is unchanged.
CreateCreates new application backup. There are two options of backup creation:
Create application backup: Application backup will be created as exact file copy of the current PRA file.
Create application backup and defragment the application: At first, application backup will be created as exact file copy of the current PRA file. Then the current application file will be defragmented.
DeleteDeletes currently selected application backup file.
BrowserOpens folder containing application backups in the Windows File explorer.
SettingsOpens a window PROMOTIC settings where can be set the properties of automatic application backups.

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