"User description" window

The window serves for editing and deleting the user defined description of the Pma object. The user description is a XML text with special marks included for formatting, that allow to indentat, highlight of certain part of the text and can also include hypertext references to other Pma objects in the application. The window is displayed after the Edit button is pressed - see the "User description" configurator. The coresponding buttons can beused for easier isertion of formatting marks (e.g. "Bold font", "new line", "Link", etc.).

Defined chars:

Char Description Example of using
<b> bold font <b>bold text ...</b>
<br> new line text ... <br/>next line ...
<ref src="pathname" type="pmobject"> reference to the Pma object by full or relative name pathname text ... <ref type="pmobject" type="pmobject"/> text ...

Special characters:

Char entry Displayed char
&amp; &
&lt; <
&gt; >

Example of the description XML text:
<b>Graphic panel of the heat exchanger</b><br/>
This panel allows users to monitor main parameters of the heat exchanger.<br/>
This panel shows the data of the heat exchanger <ref type="pmobject" src="/exchanger/data"/>.
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